I am a local Chicago artist, who grew up in Dallas, studied in Germany, got married in England, and left the Seattle rain to move to Chicago winters.

My practice has evolved from purely representational work (drawing/ painting/ printmaking) to a mixture of forms, including performative moments, installation, and more conceptual work through conversation. I like to explore themes from many perspectives, which often means making in different media to represent the different nuances. For example, in 2014, I immersed myself in the idea of overcoming past trauma from a physical movement, which I photographed, videoed, drew, embroidered, and silkscreened. A portion of the silkscreened work became the center of a video performance. I am currently developing an installation and performance utilizing 53 ceramic brick with Trump’s head in them.

Each year finds me revealing more of myself and through that revelation finding more in common with others.