Lisa Jenschke Art
Dishwasher Practice InstallationDishwasher: The (Self-Help) ManualDishwasher Practice Board 1Dishwasher: Still life with forkDishwasher: Still life with knifeDishwasher:Kale between the tinesAfter it runsDishwasher Practice - Circle of ForksDishwasher: Self PortraitDishwasher Practice - Hannah & AmandaDishwasher: Blurring the linesDishwasher Practice - Gloria and SteveDishwasher Practice - AmandaDishwasher Practice - AnnaDishwasher Practice - Bernie (In Absentia)Dishwasher Practice - TedDishwasher Practice - EllieDishwasher Practice - Viviana
Dishwasher Practice
Dishwasher Practice is a performance piece exploring the personal, creative space in banal tasks. These images include installation, still lifes which grew out of the development of the piece, and interaction documentation.
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