Lisa Jenschke Art
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I am a local Chicago artist, who grew up in Dallas, studied in Germany, got married in England, and left the Seattle rain to move to our Chicago winters. In the last couple of years, I have moved artistically from being a “printmaker/painter” to being an artist of ideas, served by the tools of the artist: painting, drawing, photography, performance, video, etc. The performative aspects in my prints have become performance in their own right, and, I believe, are freeing me to communicate my ideas more directly with my audience.

I utilize a wide variety of media: acrylic and oil, charcoal and graphite, feather and ink. Much of my work begins in charcoal drawings: sketches, studies, ideas. Charcoal allows me to be free and yet expressive. Often these are transformed into silkscreen or paper lithography prints, or more recently, into performance, video, or pamphlet.

In my printmaking, I prefer to focus on the monoprint, where every print is a unique combination of print and painting. The ink or paint is manipulated to produce textures that are velvety or transparent, with brushstrokes or bubbles, shadows and dimension, and combined with materials - wood, paper, fabric, canvas - to create singular pieces.

The hand of the artist is visible in my work, the squish of the paint and lift of the charcoal off the paper, not too clean. Sometimes, what seems like a blemish is really intentional: The image with an imperfect nature recalls to mind the folded lines on a long-treasured (or accidentally-washed) note, speckles of rust, a frayed edge.

Each year finds me revealing more of myself and through that revelation finding more in common with others. We are both surprisingly alike and uniquely individual in our our personal expression.